Upper School

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The Academy’s academic program for grades seven to 12 prepares students to be successful in life – excellent as students, prosperous in careers and responsible as citizens. The challenging curriculum is designed to develop critical-thinking, analytical and communication skills, thus empowering students to become independent thinkers with firm values.

The college-preparatory curriculum meets the diverse interests and abilities of our varied student population. Each student is valued for her unique talents, abilities and interests, and she has a myriad of opportunities to find her academic niche. Whether tackling the challenges of Advanced Placement courses or learning the fundamentals of producing a newspaper; delving into the intricacies of creating ceramics or engineering a working robot; immersing in the delights of other cultures and languages or finding her voice on-stage – Academy students can try it all.

While the curriculum in grades seven and eight transitions students from the elementary grades and positions them for success in the  secondary years, the academic map for those in grades 9-12 expands on the foundation set in the earlier grades and builds on it. During grades 9 to 12, students need to earn a minimum of 24 credits (I year course = 1 credit, semester course = .5 credits) to receive their diploma:

Graduation Requirements Credits (Semester Course = 0.5, Year Course = 1)
Arts (Performing or Visual) 1
Computers or Technology 0.5
English 4
Mathematics 3
Physical Education 1
Science 3
Social Studies 3.5
Theology 4
World Languages 2
Electives 4

The goal of the academic curriculum and faculty is that every graduate is well prepared, confident and enthusiastic as she moves on to college upon graduation.   She will take all the necessary skills learned during her years at the Academy to ensure her success in pursuing the next step in her journey of life-long learning.