Student Government

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Student Government provides Academy students with many opportunities to develop strong leadership skills.

Student Government (Grades Kinder-6)

The Lower School Student Council is comprised of officers and representatives from grades 4-6 and a faculty advisor. Objectives of the Student Council include:

  • Promote and develop student leadership and responsibility
  • Organize and direct service activities
  • Teach students the decision-making process
  • Promote spiritual growth and sharing
  • Create school spirit.

The Lower School Student Council actively participates in the following activities throughout the year:

  • Back-to-School Welcome
  • Aloha United Way campaign
  • Halloween Door Decorating Contest
  • Thanksgiving Paraliturgy
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Earth Day
  • Teacher Appreciation Day.

Student Government (Grades 7-12)

Student Council

12 Student Council officers provide leadership for Grades 7-12.  Council elections for the following year are held in April.  Council members work to build school spirit and pride by:

  • Promote and develop student leadership and responsibility
  • Conducting monthly SFA (Student, Faculty, and Administration) meetings with senators from each homeroom to provide a forum so that students can share ideas, concerns and solutions
  • Promote school spirit by organizing assemblies, pep rallies and spirit days
  • Arranging leadership forums and workshops for students
  • Spearheading school-wide fundraising drives for community groups such as Aloha United Way
  • Serving as ambassadors for the school
  • Promoting citizenship by sponsoring annual elections that promote the democratic process.

Division Councils

There are division councils for each grade level in grades 7 to 12. Division council officers are elected in the Spring, with the exception of Grade Nine, which holds its election in the Fall.  Officers plan and conduct activities for their specific grade level throughout the year. The responsibility of officers include the follow:

  • Gather input from their peers so that students can share ideas, concerns, and solutions.
  • Assist division advisors in preparing division assemblies and division meetings.
  • Arrange for community service projects for the division.
  • Organize class spirit week and other spirit activities.
  • Coordinate class banquets, such as the Mother-Daughter and Father-Daughter luncheons.
  • Plan Junior and Senior Proms.