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The Academy's Pre-School program recognizes that every child is special and has a unique combination of characteristics, background, and experiences. We are responsive to individual children’s needs, interests and learning style. A variety of fun, hands-on and age-appropriate activities are provided during the school day, including learning trips and special resource speakers. Exposure to a rich and varied curriculum encourages children to grow and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Young children learn by doing, and the preschool classrooms are organized into learning centers and stocked with age-appropriate materials, lessons and thoughtfully planned activities. This environment stimulates curiosity, fosters exploration and develops reasoning skills.

An integrated-thematic approach blends multiple subject areas in a manner where young children learn the best. Each week, the pre-schoolers attend music, art and physical education classes, as well as visit the library.

Some key development areas focused on include:

> Language development and listening skills

> Literacy

> Confidence and decision-making

> Fine and large-motor development

> Healthy life habits

> Performing and visual arts

> Technology skills.

Children are encouraged to take risks in a safe and nurturing environment. Through a variety of well-planned activities geared to their developmental levels, they are able to explore, work in a cooperative setting, think critically, and problem-solve – all critical components that form the foundation for their future success in life.

And, throughout the day, the Pre-School students engage in self-directed and small group activities, including time for outdoor play, as well as sessions with the entire class.

The Academy’s Pre-School teachers are dedicated to providing the finest care and a well-rounded education for each child under their care. They love coming to school as much as their students do!


The Academy's Pre-School program is licensed by the Department of Human Services.