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Sacred Hearts Academy's International Student Program helps students from around the world fully participate in and succeed at the school, in college and in life. International students in grades Pre-School to 12 achieve fluency in English, gain a strong academic background and develop an understanding of the American culture.


Sacred Hearts Academy is rooted in the Eucharistic spirituality which presents the ideal of living and loving the world as Jesus and Mary did. With this emphasis, the school is committed to maintaining a diverse student body from various cultural, ethnic, rellgious and economic backgrounds while enriching the learning process that helps students embrace the full spectrum of the world community.

What Sacred Hearts Academy Offers

International Student Life at the Academy

At the Academy, students from around the world are integrated and encouraged to participate in all facets of school life and learn about American culture. International students at the Academy have the opportunity to further develop their English fluency skills, experience a well-rounded, rigorous and diverse curriculum and challenge themselves to become good global citizens. Engaging in service-learning, student-run clubs, sports and the arts provides the international students with a full immersion experience.

Students who need support benefit from the Academy's English Language Learners (ELL) support and tutorial program specifically set-up to address core academic needs.

International Advising and Support Services

Full-time, committed teachers, counselors and advisors support the school's international students from the moment they arrive on campus and throughout their years at Sacred Hearts. This support staff communicates with parents and teachers regularly to ensure each student's academic success and emotional well-being while at the Academy.

Regular conference sessions, meetings and other support are available to all international students.


At Sacred Hearts, international students are offered a college preparatory curriculum with a wide variety of Advanced Placement and Honors-level courses. All international students must take the required courses, such as Theology, physical education and the arts.

In grades seven to 12, ELL classes in grammar, composition and integrated skills are offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students take appropriate ELL classes in addition to courses from the general curriculum, such as English, mathematics, computers, physical education, art and music. Through this mix of ELL and mainstream courses, ELL students at the High School level develop comprehension and communication skills in both written and verbal form, fine-tuning their scholastic aptitude while developing their understanding of the local and national culture.

In the Lower School, ELL classes are offered as 30 to 90-minute periods, suited to each student's language needs. ELL student practice reading, writing, listening, speaking and communication skills through developmentally-appropriate projects, activities, music, excursion and games. They also learn technology skills to assist with their academic development in all curriculum areas.


College Counseling

International students receive outstanding support in the college admissions process. The college counselor works with students to choose the right university to meet their goals, and student progress in carefully monitored.

Contact for International Students

Darian Padilla
Director of Admissions
808.734.5058, ext. 224