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The Academy is committed to admitting students who are intellectually inquisitive, highly motivated and represent a range of interests, passions and potentials.

Through the Academy’s academic process, students learn to value their own intelligence, to develop advanced thinking skills and to take responsibility for their education and success. At every grade level, the school’s challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum is built on the foundation of the arts and sciences, incorporating collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, self-expression and inquiry.

To provide a stimulating learning process, the school’s well-rounded and qualified faculty employs a variety of techniques – ranging from the conventional to the highly creative. Classic books of literature and academic research, as well as the latest equipment and technology, are adeptly interwoven into daily lessons.

While the Lower School and Junior High provide a firm foundation for later learning, the High School curriculum is strongly college-preparatory with courses in English, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, technology, theology and physical education, as well as visual and performing arts.

Each year, almost 100 percent of the Academy’s graduates pursue their college education after leaving the school’s hallowed halls.

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