Typical Upper School Course Schedule

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Students in grades 7-12 follow the general schedule below.

7th Grade:
English 7
Pre-Algebra 7
Physical Science 7
Social Studies - World Geography 7
Theology 7
Beginning Band or Beginning Choir
Two Semester Electives (The Arts, Robotics, Computer Technology or Physical Education)

8th Grade:​
English 8
Pre-Algebra or Algebra I
Science - Life Science 8
Social Studies - American History 8
Theology 8
Four Semester Electives (The Arts, Computer Technology, Robotics, Physical Education or World Languages)

9th Grade:​
Algebra I or Geometry
Conceptual Physics
Growing in Faith
English 9
World History
World Language Elective
Electives equaling four semesters  (The Arts, Computers & Technology, Physical Education or Study Hall)

10th Grade:​
Geometry or Algebra II
English 10
Social Studies Elective
World Language Elective
Electives equaling two semesters

11th Grade:
English 11 or AP Language and Composition
Mathematics Elective
Call to Justice or The Church’s Mission
U.S. History or AP U.S. History
Electives equaling four semesters

12th Grade:​
English 12 or AP Literature and Composition
Social Studies Elective
Theology Elective
U.S. History or AP U.S. History
Electives equaling five semesters(AP and Advance courses in: World Languages, Arts, STEM)