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The Academy’s Theology curriculum helps students develop an understanding of the basic tenants and doctrine of the scriptures, the Catholic Church and the morality, worship and spirituality of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts; articulate the essentials of the message taught by Jesus Christ; understand the role of the Church in world history; develop an understanding and appreciation for differing religions and faiths; and engage in attitudes and behaviors consistent with Christian ethics.

A vital component of the Theology curriculum is an emphasis on community service and service-learning, which fosters the desire to give back and develop compassion and respect for those in different economic, social and emotional states. All students are required to complete community service hours as part of their core curriculum.

Teachers employ formal teachings and assessments, assigned readings, class discussion, role playing, simulations, group projects, prayer experiences and the use of technology to complete research projects and daily assignments.

All students take in grades seven and eight take a year-long Theology course; those in grades 9 to 12 need to complete the equivalent of four year-long courses to meet graduation requirements.

Courses offered:

  • The Church’s Mission
  • Dying & Rising
  • Lifestyles
  • Religion (for Grades 7 and 8)
  • Theology I-Growing in Faith
  • Theology II-Jesus the Christ
  • Theology III-Call to Justice
  • World Religions