Library/Media Center

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Creative, collaborative, multi-media learning environments with access to a wealth of information describes the Academy's two Libraries - in the High School, the Lancer Learning Center (LLC), and the Lower School's Library and Media Center. Each is a hub of school activity, intensely engaging students and providing them with resources and skills necessary to be successful in academic life at Sacred Hearts and beyond.

Both libraries provide an abundance of digital and traditional resources to enhance the learning experience. The school-wide card catalog, “Destiny,” is available on-line and extends the virtual "walls" of the Libraries so that students and parents can access on-line resources and check materials available from any computer with Intenet access. The Academy's librarians are entrepreneurial, leading the way on integrating new technology, implementing innovative ideas and adapting the traditional along with the modern in the every-changing information culture. 

Lower School Library and Media Center

The Lower School librarian and media resources specialist works diligently to advocate for literacy and competence with 21st century technology. She educates students on accessing, creating and utilizing information in ways that benefit society and the global community.

Each week, Lower School students enjoy regularly-scheduled sessions aimed at promoting literacy. The students are introduced to quality children's literature and engage in practicing effective and ethical behaviors as researchers. Academy Lower School students are able to borrow from a wide range of resources - books, magazines, DVDs, audiobooks and a variety of multimedia.

Other outstanding facets of the Library, which enhance the learning experience for the Lower School students, include reading incentive programs, the Birthday Book program, author and storyteller visits, book fairs, the Library Club, book clubs and the Digital Media Club.

The Lower School Library is located on the 6th Avenue corner of the school campus and is open for students, parents and faculty each school day from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Lancer Learning Center

The Lancer Learning Center is the hub of school life in the High School, providing the educational benefits of collaborative learning with a multitude of services and resources. While a space for quiet, individualized study is provided, resources that support collaborative learning are also emphasized as a means to foster intellectual engagement, social maturity and overall confidence on the parts of the learners.

The LLC is a multi-faceted, 21st century learning environment with an extensive resource collection which includes books, e-books, DVDs and numerous on-line databases with access to hundreds of magazines, newspapers and academic journals. Additionally printers and an array of Mac or Windows-platform-based computers are available for student use.

The LLC also provides spaces dedicated to media production and collaboration in addition to quiet study areas. The "Green Room" is fully equipped to create original, high quality multi-media productions.

Students and faculty work on projects, have specialized classes and attend tutoring centers in spacious areas designed for collaboration and outfitted with large screen monitors and comfortable furniture.

The High School Lancer Learning Center is located on the first floor of the Administration Building and is open for students, parents and faculty each school day from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.