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Program Philosophy

Our mission in the SHA bowling program is to provide our High School bowlers the opportunity to experience the spirit of team competition and represent our community in interscholastic competition while participating in a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime. Many of the students that participate in the program have never bowled before, but with hard work and determination, most learn to love and appreciate all that the sport offers. The program aims to help athletes develop positive life skills, such as respect, leadership, goal-setting, discipline, teamwork and individual growth.  The sports teaches concentration, technique, focus, and technical aspects to become a competitive bowler. We emphasize to be humble in victory and defeat and to continue to be “students of the game.”  The value of hard work and dedication is at the heart of everything we teach.

The program includes class room style training, team building, sportsmanship training, on-lane and off-lane practice and drills and interscholastic competitions, including teams, singles, doubles and State Championship competitions. The SHA bowling program will provide sanctioned high school bowling competition as defined by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and will provide an opportunity for student’s bowlers to meet bowlers from other schools and travel to different bowling facilities.  The program will also provide information and contacts for those looking to move to the next level, collegiate sports.

Girls are eligible to participate in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH).  The SHA High School Bowling program provides competition between high school girls on the varsity and junior varsity level in the ILH, starting in the 9th grade for Junior Varsity and Varsity Levels. 

Meet the Coach

New Head Coach Lana Mink and Assistant Coaches - Brandon Oshiro and Jeremy Ledet bring over 40 years of Bowling experience, to include competition, coaching and equipment. She represented the Navy and Armed Forces for 20 years, a member of Team USA and professional events. Coach Mink is eager to enhance the Lancer Bowler's knowledge of the sport of bowling and providing a foundation of competition and lifelong learning.

Team Schedule