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Program Philosophy

The Academy’s basketball program fosters student-athletes’ love for the game of basketball.  Development of the skills and attitudes needed to compete at the highest level are coupled with an emphasis on learning and applying important life skills, including leadership, goal-setting, teamwork, and confidence.

Varsity basketball is open to students in grades nine to 12, Junior Varsity to those in nine to 11 and Intermediate to those in grades seven to nine. The Academy also participates in the Catholics School League (CSL) for students in grades five to eight and the Christian Schools Athletic League (CSAL) for athletes in grades four to six.

Meet the Coach

The head coach of the Varsity team is Dr. Richard Kasuya.  Coach Richard has over twenty years of basketball coaching experience, including nine years as an assistant coach at the JV and Varsity levels at Sacred Hearts Academy.  He previously served as the head coach for the Junior Varsity team at SHA and the boy’s Varsity team at ASSETS school. 

Coach Richard received his medical doctorate degree at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine (UH JABSOM), and his Masters of Education degree at the University of Southern California.  He has spent the majority of his professional career in medical education, including 6 years as the Associate Dean for Medical Education at UH JABSOM.  He is currently a Professor of Medicine in the Office of Medical Education at UH JABSOM, and has been selected by the medical students to receive over twelve annual teaching awards. 

“Teaching is my passion, as it is for all of our coaches,” Coach Richard says.  “We have an outstanding group of coaches at all levels of our program.  I’m very proud of the quality of coaching we can offer our student athletes here at Sacred Hearts Academy.”